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Why Use Reflectors?

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Why Retrofit or Replace Your Old Fixtures
Newer energy efficient technologies used in today’s retrofits and fixtures will most definitely save tremendous amounts of energy. Thousands of facilities nationwide have made the switch to more energy efficient technologies resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars saved annually.


Energy, And, of course, the environment benefits from this conservation effort as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency, which has its own program to conserve energy through the 'Energy Star' program. With lighting accounting for 32% of electrical consumption in the typical office building, it is the best candidate for retrofit or replacement due to its fast return on investment.


How Reflectors Work
Reflector’s work by more efficiently projecting light out of a fixture than would otherwise be realized from a typical fixture cavity. A common white paint fixture will diffuse light with its painted surface and obtain low fixture efficiencies, even though most since are not sufficiently engineered to focus light efficiently out of the body cavity. Additionally, white paint is  a poor choice for reflective properties because it is prone to yellowing and losing its reflectivity over time.


Reflectors are engineered specifically to focus light out of a fixture cavity. By their computer designed shape & facets, a reflector projects more of the available light out of a fixture. This increases the light output from the fixture and the longevity of the lamps & ballasts (due to heat dissipation). Reflectored fixtures will give more consistent performance over many years.


What to Look For
There are four basic types of reflector materials: Enhanced Aluminum with 95% reflectivity, Specular Aluminum with 86% reflectivity, and White Aluminum with 91% reflectivity.


Along with material choice, fabrication quality and fit, are also important to consistent photometrics. At US Energy Sciences, we strive to ensure quality, innovation and on time delivery. These three ingredients are the keys to the success we’ve enjoyed to become one of the largest reflector manufacturers in the United States', serving North America and the Caribbean.