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Warehouse Lighting Recommendations

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There are many different applications and variables found in warehouses lighting. USES offers many energy efficient warehouse products including: reflector retrofit kits, strip fixture ballast pan cover kits, economy to high end fluorescent highbay replacements, depending on the existing lighting system and ceiling height, USES has a solution for any potential warehouse project.


Low Ceilings
For ceilings at the low end of 15 feet, strip fixtures or industrial style fixtures may exist. Retrofitting may be the appropriate choice such as our KSL Series reflector kit. Another option for open strips is our K3A Series ballast pan kit.


High Ceiling
For higher ceiling heights of 15 ft or greater with industrial style strips. We suggest the KSH Series reflector kit for high ceilings with low reflectivity. Many warehouses with higher ceilings have 250-400 watt HID fixtures. USES offers several replacement fluorescent highbay fixtures, our economy OHB Series is our most popular highbay. Our fluorescent highbays are a one for one HID replacement, use half the energy and many times improve light levels. The MHN Series (Narrow) and MHW Series (Wide) are additional industrial full body choices. The PMX Series is a high end look and we have the IHB Series which is the highest efficient highbay fixture available.


Motion Sensors
Motion sensors will reduce energy consumption proportional to warehouse use, but it only works where the re-strike time on the lamp is very short. HID lighting is not an option when using sensors for this reason. The less a warehouse is used, the more energy savings realized. Experience also tells us not to overlook task lighting for the warehouse work areas. The light there would be the same for a factory floor depending on the visual task required.