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Retail Lighting Recommendations

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Retail Lighting Recommendations

Lighting design for retail stores considers the interior design of the building first, followed by personal preference. The application of light in retail is extremely diverse – strips and recessed troffers are generally used and occasionally Parabolic or HID’s are generally used.





Low, Gridless Ceiling - Retrofit
The most cost efficient recommendation for buildings with a lower, gridless ceiling is our KSL Series retrofit. For a higher, gridless ceiling, we recommend our KSH Series retrofit. This kit is generally labeled the “industrial hooded” – made possible by a combination of our strip fixture and a reflector. The KSH is inexpensive and highly efficient when considering light direction and lumen-loss – most all light is directed downward. An advantage to the KSH is these fixtures can be altered to create an up-light desired effect.


In retail lighting, ambiance and shelving suggest specific fixtures depending on the aesthetic desired. Grocery stores' high, deep shelving present a challenge when deciding on sufficient fixture types. It helps to be aware of this lumen-loss factor, particularly where rows of fixtures are installed perpendicular to aisles.


Gridded Ceilings – Retrofit
Consider adding a KTC Series retrofit to any 2x2 or 2x4 ceiling grid. You can reduce the amount of lamps per fixture as a reflector directs more light from the fixture. For information on specific reflector applications, please contact your area Sales Representative.


High Ceiling – HID Replacement
Most retail stores have ceiling heights of 12 ft or greater. The higher the ceiling, the more light output is needed. Since most retail outlets have highly reflective white ceilings, and some up-light is desirable, consider a fixture that provides this up-light – taking advantage of the whole environment. We suggest Highbay fixtures for high, open ceilings – the I-Bay Series being our most preferred for its performance. Fluorescent lighting technologies have recently improved, establishing a practical, cost-effective and energy efficient application replacement for HID.


General: High-End New and Retrofit Applications
Fixture choice heavily depends on the quality of the facility. For high-end, new fixture designs, the PMX Series is suggested. For a high-end retrofit, the I-Bay Series or the OHB Series is recommended.


Food Preparation Areas
All food preparation areas should consider an enclosed fixture such as a VaportightVPT Series, VCT Series or the vaportight highbay, VHB Series, in lower ceilings.