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Light Fixture Mounting Gripple


Gripple is a mounting option for Highbay and Strip fixture lighting applications with a Safe Working Load of 100 lbs. Its loop-locking cable of 1/16" allows for tool-free adjustments making installation simple and quick.





  • Highbays & Strips

  • Mechanical Loads

  • Electrical Loads

  • HVAC



  • Secure loop-locking cable

  • Tool-free adjustment

  • Quick and simple installs



  • Standard length is 15'

  • Safe working load of 100 lbs.



  • Accepts aircraft cable of 1/16" in diameter

  • Safe working load at 100 lbs.

  • Supplied in case quantities of 10 per box


Cable Adjustment

To Shorten the Assembly

  1. Pull more rope through the grip by pulling on the free tail end. This will reduce the size of the loop contained by the grip.

  2. OR – Take the grip up the active line that connects the object to the overhead anchoring point. This has the effect of increasing the size of the loop contained by the grip.

To Lengthen the Assembly

  1. Before an assembly can be lengthened, first check that there is sufficient free tail outside the grip or free rope inside the grip to provide the desired increase in length.

  2. Before starting any adjustment, ensure that the load on the assembly is removed

  3. Use the setting key to disengage the wedge inside the grip and pull the required length of rope through the grip. Remove the setting key so that the wedge is securely back in contact with the rope.



Case Quantity Ordering Code

  • KFM-YTG-15


Accessory Code Ordering  Example

Option code is GY15 and should be added to end of part number.

  • PMX-043204-EAH-GY15





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