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US Energy Sciences Custom Engineering Can Retrofit Any Existing Fixture to LED

Custom Engineering  Retrofit Fixture to LED

At US Energy Sciences we often tout the capabilities of our in-house engineers and designers and brag about their ability to design fixtures for just about any custom application our customers bring to us...


OHB Highbays and Custom Engineering Service Deliver a Great Product and a Satisfied Customer

OHB Highbay Light Fixtures

US Energy Sciences loves to hear from our customers and receive pictures of your projects.  Ben Caldwell, project manager of Power Management Company in New York Ben, shared some great photos of a project he completed over the summer in Kendell, NY. 

Power Management replaced 76, 8’ 2L T12 high output fixtures in the middle school and high school gymnasiums with our OHB Highbays...


What Does That L70 Rating Really Mean?

L70 Rating

When purchasing LED products, one of the attributes customers often compare is the L70 rating. This seems reasonable since the L70 gives us a good idea of how many hours of useful life we should expect from the light source before it depreciates below 70 percent of its original lumens.  All light sources will depreciate over time, so of course you should choose...


The Truth About LED Retrofits

The Truth About LED Retrofits

Since George Inman led a group of General Electric scientists to improve upon existing technology and develop the first commercially viable fluorescent lamp in 1938, fluorescent lighting has been an integral part of our industry. It is efficient, effective, attractive, affordable and ubiquitous: troffers, highbays, strips...


Recap of LightFair 2014

LightFair 2014 Recap

The US Energy Sciences team is still riding the high from LightFair 2014 earlier this month and excited about the positive feedback we received on all the new LED lighting we showcased in Las Vegas. LightFair, and industry shows like it, give us a glimpse into the future of the lighting industry, but, even more importantly, give us the opportunity to gain insight from our customers, and potential customers.


USES Team Prepares for LIGHTFAIR International Show

USES Team Prepares for LIGHTFAIR Show

I have been in the lighting business for more than a decade, and in that time have been to as many LIGHTFAIR International shows. While it is always energizing to network with my peers in the lighting business and see all of the new technological advancements on the horizon, I have never been more excited to attend than I am this year...




“He won't buy nothin' that he can't fix,
With WD40 and a Craftsman wrench
He ain't prejudiced, he's just made in America”


These are a few lyrics from the song “Made in America,” by Toby Keith, a country music star known for his patriotic songs.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many opportunities to buy products produced in the United States these days...



USES Expansion - Post-Paint Line - Shows products coming off of the paint line.

There are many exciting things happening at U.S. Energy Sciences, Inc., not the least of which is the recent completion of a 10,000 square foot expansion to accommodate our new post-paint department.


Adding the post-paint line allows USES better control of the finish quality and durability of the lighting products we sell.  And, by bringing this important process in-house, we anticipate additional benefits for our customers including mitigating costs and improving our already industry-leading turn-around times...